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Tonga Development Bank Properties for Sale

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A. Lease Land, Commercial Building & Improvements. This is the Melie Mei Langi property in Ma’ufanga formerly known as “Kinikinilau Shopping Centre”.

Book No/ Folio 1/564
Lease No 4685A
Area 6675m2 (1a 2r 23.9p)
Remaining Term 21 years and 5 months (22/09/2037)
Minimum Price $1.8m

B. Vehicles, Equipment & Furniture.

1. Pajero Van Reg No J6278. Minimum price $4,000

C. Lease Land, Dwelling House and Improvements.This property was one of Tonga Investment Limited properties (TIL) in Haveluloto.

Book No/ Folio Sub-Lease Book 1 / 102A
Lease No 2008
Area 1012m2
Remaining Term 29 years (22/06/2045)
Minimum Price $160,000

D. Lease land, Commercial Packing Shed and other improvements. This is the Friendly Island Marketing Coop. Ltd (FIMCO) property at Ma'ufanga.

Lease No 8047
Lot 65B on Survey office plan 5045
Area 4047m2
Remaining Term 15 years (05/07/2031)
Minimum Price $375,000

The Property is offered on an “as is where is” basis and your tender amounts will be the purchasing price of the property excluding CT.

All tenders should be delivered in sealed envelope marked “TENDER” together with a bank cheque to the amount of 10% of the bid lodged and address to:

Chief Executive Office (CEO)
Tonga Development Bank
Box 126

All enquiries regarding inspection should be directed to Sitino Maka or Samisoni Masila. Tenders close at 4:00 pm on Friday 15 April 2016.


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