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No fale nofo’anga 5% ‘uluaki ta’u ‘e ua

This new loan product commenced on 1st August 2015. Main purpose is to help the people of Tonga and generate income and increase revenue. With TDB continue to generate surplus liquidity in its Bank accounts, this product provides a low risk option to utilize the funds.

Na’e kamata ‘a e polokalama noo fo’ou ko ‘eni he ‘aho 1 ‘Aokosi 2015. Ko e taumu’a ‘o e polokalama noo ni ke tokoni ki he kakai e fonua, pea mo tokoni ke fakatupu mo fakalahi ‘ene pa’anga humai. ‘Oku ‘i he tu’unga lelei ‘a e pa’anga noo ‘a e Pangikee pea ko e polokalama noo ko ‘eni ‘oku malu pea pau ki hono ngaue’aki ‘a e pa’anga noo ‘a e Pangike.

  • Loan purpose - For construction of new residential house only.
  • Maximum amount - Subject for repayment affordability and within the current housing loan guidelines
  • Term, Repayment, Security, Fees & Others – Same as existing housing loans.
  • New home loans offer with interest rates just 5% in the first 2 years then back to the normal Interest rate base on your Credit Rating