Foreign Exchange Rates

Foreign Exchange Rates

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Foreign Exchange Rates for Transactions T$10,000.00 and Below Schedule for 31/01/2023

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Country Currency Code Bank buys Bank sells
Australia Dollars AUD 0.6480 0.5940
New Zealand Dollars NZD 0.7063 0.6464
United States Dollars USD 0.4647 0.4227
Europe Euro EUR 0.4423 0.3783
Japan Yen JPY 60.5837 54.7811
Fiji Dollars FJD 0.9480 0.8680

To convert Foreign Currency into pa'anga - divide by the rate
To convert Tongan Pa'anga into Foreign Currency - multiply by the rate

Rates for any transaction in excess of T$10,000.00 are subject to current spot market rate. All rates are subject to change without notice at anytime during day of publication.

Notes in other currencies may be cashed at rates available on application.

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All opinions,statements and forecasts expressed in this document are based on information from sources which the bank believes to be authentic. TDB issues no invitation to anyone to rely upon this document and it intends by this statement to exclude liability for any such opinions, statements and forecast. All prices expressed are indicative and may be subject to change in line market conditions.


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