Kahau Saving Account S6


Kaha’u Savings Accounts

This product encourages and promotes the habit of savings among the younger generation and at the same time offer a reasonable return on their investment.

  • A highly competitive interest rate
  • No maintenance fees
  • Funds available on demand

1.5% pa1
interest rate

Kahau Saving Account S6
Minimum balanceNil
Service feeFree
Maintenance fees$2 per quarter
Over the counter withdraw fee$1 per monthly
Number of free withdrawals1 per sixmonthly
Dormancy feeNil
Minimum depositNil
Minimum withdrawal$10
Withdrawal fees$1
Automatic deductionsNil
Interest IncomeCalculated monthly, paid monthly to account 

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  Automatic deduction from savings accounts
    • $10 minimum opening balance;
    • No monthly service fees charged;
    • $2 quarterly account maintenance fees;
    • Passbook will be issued; 
    • Quarterly statements are available upon request;
    • Unlimited deposits allowed;
    • 1 free withdrawal per six month and $1 per transactions thereafter;
    • Attractive interest rate of 1.5%pa on children’s investment account;
    • Option of joint account;
    • Minor will have the account opened in trust for them by their parents or guardian, and if they so wished to carry out withdrawals it must be done with the parents or guardian’s authority;
    • Will be transferred to IB Express Saving Account once age reached 21 years old and option of Term Deposit should guardian wished to do so
    • Passbook will be issued

1. No interest on balances below $100.00

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